Now more than ever people need your expertise.

But many booking tools bypass your expertise.

We believe technology should connect customers with your team.

TRAQ gives people direct contact with your team.

More structured than phone calls or emails, TRAQ picks-up on bookers needs and preferences so you can:

+ Quote better

+ Convert more

*  It’s a simple offer. We only charge when you are making money with us. 


made to fit your business

What's more the easy-to-use app looks and feels like it’s your company's

But it isn’t just the app which fits within your business. Our agent portal fits within your current technology and operations. No need for swap-outs or changes. 

Reach new customers

TRAQ helps travel companies attract and retain customers. Travellers benefit from a smart, intuitive app that gives structured interaction with your travel advisors.  

Reduce cost per transaction

An easy-to-use app works for you and your customers by reducing email and phone traffic. Additionally TRAQ has integrations with GDS and  specialist platforms  to further reduce transaction costs.

Extend your revenue base

TRAQ will help to increase requests and quotes, as well as improve conversion rates, and drive ancillary revenues.  So in partnership with TRAQ you can increase travel market share.


Now travel companies can have the technology travellers want

Travellers waste time and money using typical booking sites. Yet those OTAs and content aggregators have been taking business from travel companies. But now more than ever travellers want expert advice, but still want to use apps.

TRAQ is the app that puts the travel company back at the heart of travel transactions. What’s more TRAQ is designed to let you bring travellers savings as well as convenience. 

 The TRAQ app. will look and work like your company’s technology. Even better  TRAQ wraps around your travel service. Customers access your team’s expertise in a fast, easy-to-use, money saving app. They gain convenience and personalisation. You strengthen the bond with your customers and drive more revenue.

Save time & money
TRAQ speeds up the communication process with your customers. GDS and other integrations mean your agents can have quotes on customers mobile screens directly, then they can focus on converting the quote to a booking.
Keeping it simple
Because TRAQ uses intuitive, app-based booking components, client set-up and admin is easy and fast. Equally getting your agents trained and loving TRAQ is quick and effective

Our pricing is simple. Its FREE until you are making money with TRAQ

No charge to any new travel company that uses TRAQ. Whether you charge your travellers for the app. Or if you add transaction fee to your charges is entirely up to you, and TRAQ will not bill you any fees until you are happy that TRAQ is generating revenue for you.

Messaging features in TRAQ give your agents a direct line to your customers

TRAQ lets your agents respond directly and immediately to your customers’ needs.

More than that TRAQ gives you a direct link for proactive notifications and comms with your customers.

This makes adding value to your services so much more powerful. Covid-19 related updates and up-to-date travel alerts become instant. Ancillary sales and service uplift opportunities now have instant 2 way engagement with customers.

Your brand, your colours, your font. Customising TRAQ is easy to set-up and maintain. As a result it will look and feel like your travel company’s app.
Intuitive native Android and iPhone apps, and an easy-to-use platform, are at the heart of TRAQ. In addition integrations with leading GDS and independent travel bring further benefits to your operation.
Putting your people first
TRAQ connects your team to travellers’ TRAQ apps. So there’s no need for them to search travel online.
Marketing Support
As well as digital tools for travel companies, TRAQ can provide user guides, videos and digital marketing insights to help drive your success.

Travellers love TRAQ

TRAQ was designed to be the app for travellers and travel companies. The user experience is designed from a detailed understanding of travellers' needs.
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