Designed for travellers as well as their travel advisors

TRAQ Travel's proposition and user experience were designed for both travellers and travel businesses.

Take a look at a some of TRAQ's videos that present the user experience in the app. Individual videos showcase specific features and interactions. The user interface and design is consistent across them all.

The look and feel was designed to be adapted to fit any brand, without compromising functionality.

Designed to look and feel like your brand.

We built into TRAQ easy-to-use functions to change the look and feel of the app and online platform. This will allow you to adapt branding and labelling to match your company’s brand identity, whilst retaining the functionality that we specifically designed to attract users.

TRAQ Travel - brand flexibility
multi language TRAQ

Multi-market, multi-language

Your business may operate in several countries. Your clients may want to book travel in more than one language. No problem.

TRAQ can be configured for any language you need. In fact with TRAQ you can have a branded, uniform travel app serving all markets, giving your business strong positioning in every one.