Travellers benefits with TRAQ

SME business travellers and TRAQ 1

Travellers save money

Bookers searching the usual sites never know if they are getting the best price.
Because TRAQ links to your team travellers  can access best prices and services every time.

Major time savings

Travellers can spend hours searching and filtering through the usual aggregator sites. Above all this is a waste of  business  and leisure travellers’ time.

With TRAQ your travel experts do the research and build quotes. So  travellers can get on with what they are actually paid to do,  or the things that they actually enjoy doing.

SME business travellers & TRAQ 2

Add benefits from you

You can bundle price, service, ancillary travel, or duty of care benefits with TRAQ. As a result you can meet prospects’ needs and drive your sales

TRAQ also wraps around promotions and discounts that you create. So you can give travellers a winning package of benefits.

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Targeting travellers with benefits

Travellers often see travel agents as expensive and unnecessary. Yet travellers’ booking practices are often hugely time consuming and error prone. To address this combine your agency’s strengths and expertise with TRAQ to create a strong benefits package for both leisure and business travellers. Then target travellers with savings and other benefits with TRAQ.  Not only will you get attention from customers and prospects, but also the aggregators can’t compete with your technology and service offering.

Find out how to target SME business travel prospects.

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